About me

My name is Gareth Warburton and I’m an ex-professional runner and Olympic Athlete.

For 15 years I was a professional athlete (runner), competing all over the world for Great Britain and Wales in the 400m and 800m.  Since retirement from professional running my aim is to put my expertise and knowledge into practice; to help others achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.

Online running coaching  can help you with nearly every aspect of your running, giving you guidance and structure in your training, ensuring everything you do is progressive and most importantly has a purpose. Is spending hours on the internet researching different approaches to training confusing you? Have you reached a plateau in your performances? Then why not give online running coaching a try today? Have confidence in tapping into the mindset of elite distance runners with years of experience competing at the highest level. We have plans for all distances and a range of abilities from those training for the first time to those training for a best time.

I offer one to one coached running sessions around Cardiff / surrounding areas.

My philosophy is focused around running technique coaching for performance, injury prevention and enjoyment that has been developed over a 25 year career in the sport.

Special focus on key cues and small changes to running style over time to get you running faster, while using less energy. The goal is on making sure the whole body is in balance and alignment to get the most forward propulsion with the least amount of excess movement. This is achieved through a series of easy to understand cues which give immediate benefit, and can be further refined and worked on over time.

Whether you’re a new runner aiming to finish your first race or an elite competitor, I can help you achieve your goals with a flexible, structured, injury-free approach to training.

Coached running sessions

If you have any questions or would like to know more please get in contact

Im also a Sports Therapist in Cardiff. Visit here to know more about my injury clinic.

Running Jo is not just about setting training plans. It’s about providing you with high quality running coaching. What makes Running Jo different from other coaches? The focus on you. The level of coaching support, feedback and advice we provide. Backed up by our coaching expertise and elite experience.

I am a fully qualified, licensed British Athletics Coach and former elite athlete. I’ve finished in the top 20 of the London Marathon. I’ve competed for Great Britain and England on track, road and cross country. Now alongside my team of coaches, we bring all this elite experience to improve your running. All our coaches are fully qualified British Athletics Coaches. We have in-depth knowledge and practical experience of endurance coaching, training principles and competition.

Most importantly, good coaching is all about communication not just technical knowledge. We give you advice, feedback and support for each and every run you do. Delivered with knowledge, expertise, passion and our positive, quirky approach. To help you to deliver your best performance in your races. 

For most of us, running has to fit around work, family and life. To get the best from you, we coach you to train hard when you can but recognise when you can’t. So you get the motivation, inspiration and support you need. When you need it most. Whoever you are, whatever your pace, if you want to improve your running, then we can work together.

Running Jo is about coaching YOU to get the challenge, sense of achievement and enjoyment that your running deserves.

Gareth is a truly inspiring running coach. As a noice 5k runner he has increased my confidence and improved my technique enormosly. Patient, encouraging, responsive to my needs and ability Id highly recommend him to improve your running and enjoyment. He even manages to make running fun.