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Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that concentrates specifically with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of movement and/or functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. A sports therapist uses a variety of physical techniques to bring about a physiological change within soft tissues. It concentrates on the musculo-skeletal side of things from the outset.

It uses the principles of sport & exercise sciences which incorporates physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant/client for training, competition and where applicable, work.

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Therefore A Sports Therapist is a healthcare professional who has the knowledge, skills and ability to:

  • Utilise sports & exercise principles to optimise a clients performance, preparation and injury prevention programmes.
  • Provide the immediate care of injuries and basic life support in a recreational, training & competitive environment
  • Assess, treat and, where appropriate, refer on for specialist advice and intervention.
  • Provide appropriate sport and remedial massage in a sport and exercise context
  • Plan and implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes in accordance with the symptoms that present.

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